About Nelson County Early Learning Center

 Welcome to Nelson County Early Learning Center

This is the fifth year for the Early Learning Center. In August 2011, all preschool students were moved from the elementary schools to the central location at 1200 Cardinal Drive.  We have six classrooms, and the center is nearly at capacity at this time. Plans for an expansion are underway.

Back to School

August 9th 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. (3 yr. olds) UMC Second Campus, 5100 Louisville Rd., Bardstown
August 9th 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. (4 yr. olds) UMC Second Campus, 5100 Louisville Rd., Bardstown
August 11th 5:30 – 7  p.m. Nelson County Early Learning Center



Drop Off/Pick Up Information

The AM session runs 8:20-11:20. Students may be dropped off by parents beginning at 7:45. Parents must walk their child to the front door where staff will meet them and receive the child. At 8:00 staff members will be available to assist children from the cars and bus.

Bus and car pick up begins at 11:20. Bus riders will be picked up by their bus monitor in the building. Once buses are load and dismissed, car riders will be escorted to cars by staff members. Parents are given a car number that must be displayed in the window. Staff will not buckle children in car seats as this is the responsibility of the parent to ensure proper restraint and safety.

The PM session runs 12:00-3:00. Bus riders are escorted to the building by their bus monitor where school staff will receive them. Parents are allowed to drop their child with staff at the front door, or they may walk them to their classroom.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Nelson County Early Learning Center is to provide all children and families of our community with a supportive and loving environment in which to build a strong early educational foundation.

Our Vision is to maintain a learning environment for children and families through developmentally appropriate child activities,  parent education and support.  Through these activities the child’s first school experience will be positive, nurturing, and successful.

Dress Code

The Early Learning Center does not have a dress code. We ask that children wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Tennis shoes should be worn in order to fully participate in gross motor activities.