Early Learning Center to have fresh Florida strawberry fundraiser

Have you ever tasted a Plant City, Florida, strawberry? Well, you’ll have the chance to become a fan!

The Nelson County Early Learning Center will be selling these healthy, delicious, juicy treats from Feb. 1-10.

The strawberries will be picked, quickly chilled and put right on a truck to Kentucky! We will have them within 24 hours of their being on the plant!strawberries

A flat is 8 lbs. and sells for $25, which is only $3.13 per lb., and a half flat is 4 lbs. and sells for $15.

I know my family can eat a flat in five minutes! I might need to buy two flats because I can freeze the strawberries and use them later.

We’re raising money to provide extra special center activities for the classrooms that are above and beyond exciting and realistic items.

Place orders with ELC student families or ELC staff. A pick-up date will be announced before the end of the sale. Sellers will collect the funds for the strawberries when the order is placed. Checks are to be made to NCELC.

In the meantime, enjoy this video, Jammer Saves the Farm.

It’s time to get EXCITED about strawberries!